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Genesys Co-browse Localization

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To localize the end-user Co-browse UI, configure the localization option in the global configuration object in window._genesys.widgets.cobrowse.

The Co-browse agent-facing UI inherits localization from the Agent Desktop locale settings.

To set the end-user Co-browse UI language to German or French, add de or fr to the instrumentation:


window._genesys.widgets.cobrowse = {
    src: APIGEE_GCB_URL+'/cobrowse/js/gcb.min.js?apikey=APIGEE_GCB_KEY',
    url: APIGEE_GCB_URL+'/cobrowse/',
    apikey: 'APIGEE_GCB_KEY'
    lang: 'de'

If both lang and localization are provided, localization takes priority. This way it is possible to use built-in German or French localization and override some fields as necessary.


window._genesys.widgets.cobrowse = {
    lang: 'de',
    localization: {
        "modalYes": "Natürlich!"

If you are using Co-browse outside of Genesys Widgets, use window._genesys.cobrowse.localization instead of window._genesys.cobrowse.widgets.localization.


if(!window._genesys)window._genesys = {};
window._genesys.cobrowse= {
    src: '',
    url: '',
    localization: {
      // Here we're just changing default "Session ID" to "Session token"
      // You can use this mechanism to adjust default localization to your taste, not necessarily just for other languages
      'toolbarContent': 'Session token: {sessionId}'
You don't have to list all key-value pairs. Ones not listed are inherited from the defaults.

Default values

  "agentJoined": "Representative has joined the session",
  "youLeft": "You have left the session. Co-browse is now terminated.",
  "sessionTimedOut": "Session timed out. Co-browse is now terminated.",
  "sessionInactiveTimedOut": "Session timed out. Co-browse is now terminated.",
  "agentLeft": "Representative has left the session. Co-browse is now terminated.",
  "sessionError": "Unexpected error occured. Co-browse is now terminated.",
  "sessionsOverLimit": "Representative is currently busy with another Co-browse session. Co-browse is now terminated.",
  "serverUnavailable": "Could not reach Co-browse server. Co-browse is now terminated.",
  "sessionStarted": "Your co-browse session ID is {sessionId}. Please spell it to our representative to continue with co-browsing.",
  "navRefresh": "Representative has refreshed the page. Reloading.",
  "navBack": "Representative has pressed the \"Back\" button. Reloading page.",
  "navForward": "Representative has pressed the \"Forward\" button. Reloading page.",
  "navUrl": "Representative has requested navigation. Reloading page.",
  "navFailed": "Navigation request by representative has failed.",
  "toolbarContent": "Session ID: {sessionId}",
  "contentMasked": "Content is hidden from representative",
  "contentMaskedPartially": "Some content is hidden from representative",
  "exitBtnTitle": "Exit Co-browse session",
  "areYouOnPhone": "Are you on the phone with our representative?",
  "areYouOnPhoneOrChat": "Are you on the phone or chat with our representative?",
  "connectBeforeCobrowse": "You need to be connected with our representative to continue with co-browsing. Please call us or start a live chat with us, and then start Co-browse again.",
  "sessionStartedAutoConnect": "Co-browse session started. Waiting for representative to connect to the session…",
  "browserUnsupported": "Unfortunately, your browser is not currently supported.<br><br> Supported browsers are: <ul><li><a target='_blank' href=''>Google Chrome</a></li><li><a target='_blank' href=''>Mozilla Firefox</a></li><li><a target='_blank' href=''>Internet Explorer 11 and above</a></li><li><a target='_blank' href=''>Safari 6 and above</a></li></ul>",
  "modalTitle": "Co-browse",
  "modalYes": "Yes",
  "modalNo": "No",
  "writeModeInProgress": "Agent has control over the page.",
  "downgradeMode": "Revoke control",
  "modeUpgraded": "Co-browse session was upgraded. Agent has control over the page.",
  "modeDowngraded": "Co-browse session was downgraded. Agent has no control",
  "modeUpgradeRequested": "Agent requests upgrading Co-browse session to \"write\" mode. In \"write\" mode agent will have control over the page."
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