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CallUs uses the configuration property '_genesys.widgets.callus'. You must specify all numbers and labels that appear in the CallUs UI.


window._genesys.widgets.callus = callus: {

	contacts: [

			displayName: 'Payments',
			i18n: 'Number001',
			number: '1 202 555 0162'
			displayName: 'Local',
			i18n: 'Number002',
			number: '202 555 0134'
			displayName: 'International',
			i18n: 'Number003',
			number: '0647 555 0131'

	hours: [

		'8am - 8pm Mon - Fri',
		'10am - 6pm Sat - Sun'


Name Type Description Default Required
contacts array An array of objects that represent phone numbers and their labels. The first number in this list will display as the larger, main number. Phone labels can be set directly using the 'displayName' property or you can use String Names from your localization file by setting the String Name in the 'i18n' property. 'i18n' overrides 'displayName'.


	"displayName": "Payments",
	"i18n": "Number001",
	"number": "1 202 555 0162"
[] true
hours array Array of strings to show stacked in the business hours section. Strings here are freeform. See screenshots for ideas. []
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