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The CoBrowse plugin has both configuration options for Genesys Widgets and configuration options for the Co-browse application itself. Listed on this page are the configuration options for the Genesys Widgets CoBrowse plugin which are defined in the global configuration object here: '_genesys.widgets.cobrowse'. Configuration objects for the Co-browse application can be set in either 'window._genesys.cobrowse' or 'window._genesys.widgets.cobrowse'. For a detailed list of configuration options for the Co-browse application, please visit the main documentation for Co-browse.


window._genesys.widgets.cobrowse = {

	src: APIGEE_GCB_URL+'/cobrowse/js/gcb.min.js?apikey=APIGEE_GCB_KEY',
	url: APIGEE_GCB_URL+'/cobrowse/',
	apikey: 'APIGEE_GCB_KEY'

	// Where the APIGEE_GCB_URL is the URL to the public ApiGee resource for Co-browse, and APIGEE_GCB_KEY is the ApiGee key for Co-browse.


Name Type Description Default Required
src string URL to the Co-browse JavaScript package. Resides on the secure access to Co-browse cluster. Must contain Co-browse apikey initialization, i.e.


n/a Always
url string URL to the Co-browse cluster endpoint n/a Always
apikey string ApiGee key for Co-browse n/a Always
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