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Notification of Schedule Modifications

To configure notifications of schedule modifications, you must have the permission assigned in WFM Web. See Roles and Notification Role Privileges in this Help.

To bring up the module for notification of schedule modifications (sent to agents only):

  1. Select the Configuration tab.
  2. Select Notifications from the Views menu.  
  3. In the Objects tree, select Schedule Modifications. The Working pane shows the Messages tab where you configure the message Subject, Body, and variables (Tokens).

Messages Tab

The Messages tab has three areas:

  • Tokens. This area contains buttons for inserting tokens into the message body. Available tokens related to agent time off requests are: Agent, Requested Dates.
  • Subject. This area contains Genesys-supplied subject text, which you can modify by changing text or inserting tokens. The supplied text is:

    Message from Genesys Workforce Management: Schedule modification occurred.
  • Message Body. This area also contains Genesys-supplied body text, which you can modify by deleting/typing over text and inserting tokens. The supplied text is:

    The schedule for <Agent> has been modified for the date(s) <Dates>.

Modifying the Message

To modify the message subject or body text:

  1. Delete/type over text.
  2. Place the cursor where you wish to insert a variable (token).
  3. Click the appropriate token button. The variable gets inserted.
  4. Click Save on the toolbar. If you switch to another notification type without saving, a message asks if you wish to save or cancel.

Targets Tab

Use the Targets tab to select sites. You can expand business units to display their sites. You can select multiple sites.

Rules for Sending

When a supervisor changes one or more schedule days, WFM sends a schedule modification notification to the configured site's affected agent.

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