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Add or Edit Time Off

This content may not be the latest Genesys Engage cloud content. To find the latest content, go to Workforce Management in Genesys Engage cloud.

Use this dialog to add a new time off or edit an existing one.

If you select Time Off on the Add Calendar Item screen, then the Choose Time Off screen appears when you click Next.

  1. Select a time-off type from the Choose Time Off list.
    This list shows all of the time-off types that are configured for the selected site.
  2. Select the Show all check box to display all Time-Off types. Clear this check box to display only the time-off types that are applicable to the selected agent.
    If you select a time-off type that is not associated with a selected agent, then WFM assigns the time off but does not enforce the time-off balance rules ...except for limits. If the time-off type counts toward time-off limits, then WFM takes this time-off item into account when calculating limits.
  3. Optional: select the Full Day check box if the time-off preference is for a full day off.
  4. Optional: Adjust the Start time and End time for this time off, if the default values are not correct.
  5. Select the check box Specify Start/End to enable the Start Time and End Time fields, then click inside each field to modify the default values for hours, minutes, and AM/PM.
  6. Select Next Day to the right of the End Time text box if the time-off ends on the day after it begins.
  7. Optional: Specify a nonstandard length of your full-day time off.
  8. Select the Specify Paid Hours check box to enable the Paid Hours field, then click inside and enter or select a value to specify the exact number of hours in a full day for this particular time off. The Specify Paid Hours check box is enabled only if you selected a paid time-off type in the Choose Time Off list.
  9. Important
    If you are adjusting part-day time-off preferences, remember that all part-day time off must comply with all settings for at least one qualifying shift, including meal parameters. You may not need to adjust this value manually. If you selected a single agent, then the default is the number of paid hours/minutes configured for the agent's time-off rule, for the type of Time Off being inserted. If you selected multiple agents, the default value is 0 (zero).
  10. Optional: Select the Wait-list check box to specify that the request stays in a Preferred status, if a time off request is denied because the time-off limits have already been reached.
    The request could eventually be granted by a Supervisor, if an opening becomes available, although this is not guaranteed.
  11. Optional: Enter a comment inside the Comments text box.
  12. Click Finish.
    The Calendar reappears, displaying the new or edited time-off item.
If you are entering multiple part-day time-off items, these cannot overlap each other or any part-day exception.
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