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Add Calendar Items Wizard

This content may not be the latest Genesys Engage cloud content. To find the latest content, go to Workforce Management in Genesys Engage cloud.

Using this wizard, you can add availability, time off, exceptions, days off, shifts, and working hours. (This wizard is available to supervisors with the appropriate security access.)

To use the wizard:

  1. Select the Calendar pane.
  2. Select Calendar Items from the Views menu.
  3. Select an object from the Objects pane:
    • From the Agents tree: a business unit, site, team, or agent
    • From the Activities tree: a business unit, site, or activity
  4. Select a date or dates from the Calendar.
  5. Click Get data.
  6. Click the Add Calendar Item icon on the toolbar or select Add Calendar Item from the Actions menu.

For instructions on filling in each wizard screen, see:

Depending upon the choices that you make on the first two screens, you proceed to one of these screens:

The last three screens can also appear when you edit Calendar items.

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