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DMW: Select Time Offs Screen

To fill in the Select Time Offs screen in the Delete Multiple Wizard (DMW):

  1. Select one or more time-off types from the Select Time Off list. (If more time-off types are hidden above or below the displayed list items, a vertical scroll bar appears to the right to help you reveal them.)
  • To select individual time-off types, hold down the Ctrl key while you select. To de-select, continue holding Ctrl and click the item(s) you wish to de-select.
  • For a range of time-off types, select the first time-off type, hold down the Shift key, select the last time-off type in the range. To revise the range, continue holding Shift and click the last time-off type to be included in the range.

    The list shows all of the time-off types that have been configured for the selected site in the Policies module of WFM Web. The list's columns show each time-off type's full name, its short name, whether it is paid, whether it counts toward the configured time-off limits, and all sites to which Time Off is assigned.
    The check boxes simply indicate the time-off type's configured properties. You cannot select or clear them here.
  • If you selected to delete marked time, click Next.
    Otherwise, click Finish to delete the selected time-off items, and all other selected items, and close the wizard. This returns you to the Agent-Extended, Intra-Day, or Weekly view.
    • If you want to review or change your entries in a previous screen, click Previous.
    • Or, if you want to close the wizard without saving your selection, click Cancel.
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