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Staffing Build Wizard

This content may not be the latest Genesys Engage cloud content. To find the latest content, go to Workforce Management in Genesys Engage cloud.

Use the Staffing Build Wizard (SBW) to build staffing data for a selected single-site activity, based on parameters that you provide.  

Before using this wizard to build a staffing forecast, take these required actions:

To build staffing data:

  1. On the Scenario Staffing View toolbar, click the Build button.
    The Staffing Build Wizard's first screen, Provide Target Date, opens.
  • Fill in the Provide Target Date screen and then click Next.
  • Fill in the Provide Target Options screen and then click Next.
    The screen that appears next depends on what kind of activity you are staffing.
    • For an Immediate activity (work activities that are handled by agents immediately, such as voice calls), the Specify Service Level Objectives screen opens if you selected the Use Service Level Objectives check box. If you did not select Use Service Level Objectives, the Staffing Requirements screen opens.
    • For a Deferred activity (backlog activities, such as e-mail, that use special forecasting calculations), the Multimedia Service Level Objectives screen opens.
    • For a Fixed-Staff activity (non-CTI activities that do not use Workforce Management service objectives), the Staffing Requirements screen opens.
  • Fill in each screen that opens, and then click Finish.
    The wizard closes. If you selected Compare results with previous on the second wizard screen, the Scenario Build Results window opens. If not, the Scenario Staffing View opens.
  • Forecast Staffing Build Wizard Screens

    The Staffing Build Wizard screens are described in the following topics.

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