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Options Dialog Box

Use the Options dialog box to show or hide columns in the Calendar items table.

  • Site—The site of the Agent who appears in that row.
  • Team—The team of the Agent who appears in that row.
  • Shared Transport—The shared transport to which the agent (displayed in that row) is joined.
  • Reason—An explanation for why the actual status is different from the requested status.
  • Comments—Any comments made when this calendar item was entered or most recently edited.
  • Paid Hours—The number of paid hours for the calendar item.
  • Hire Date—The date that the Agent began work for the company.
  • Submitted—The date and time that the Calendar item was submitted (by either an Agent or a Supervisor, depending on the type of Calendar item).

To use the Calendar Options dialog box:

  1. Select the Calendar tab.
  2. Select Calendar Items from the Views menu.
  3. Select an object from each pane (Agents/Activities) of the Objects pane.
  4. Select a date or dates on the Calendar, and click Get data.
  5. Click the Options button on the toolbar or select Options from the Actions menu.
    The Options dialog box opens and lists all available choices.
  6. To display a column, select the check box next to its name. To hide it, clear the check box.
  7. Click OK to save your settings or Cancel to discard them.
    The main Calendar window re-appears, showing the new settings.
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