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Sorting Dialog Box

Use the Sorting dialog box to sort the Weekly, Intra-Day, and Profile/Bidding views.

  1. Select the item by which you want to sort. Agent Name is the default sort option.
    If agents do not have the option by which you are sorting, they appear last in the list.
  • Weekly view—Team Name, Contract, Agent Name (first or last), Agent Rank, or Site Name. You can sort in ascending or descending order. Note that Agent Rank sorts in apparent reverse order due to limitations imposed by multi-sorting by both agent name and rank.
  • Intra-Day view—Team Name, Contract, Agent Name (first or last), Overtime, Paid Hours, Total Hours, Shift Start Time, Start Time of First Exception, Site Name, or red Transport.
  • Profile/Bidding view—Site Name, Team Name, Agent Name (first or last), and Contract.
    If you select Start Time of First Exception, agents with full-day exceptions appear after agents with part-day exceptions. Agents with no exceptions appear at the bottom of the list.
  • Click Apply.
  • The view is now sorted by the item that you selected. If you have sorted a scenario view, it retains this sort order until you close the scenario.


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