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Schedule State Groups

A Schedule State Group is a collection of schedule states that is linked to a site.

If you selected Generate Default Schedule State Groups and Exception Types when you imported the site, these Schedule State Groups appear automatically:

  • Asynchronous Work
  • Days Off
  • Exception Types
  • Fixed-Staff Work
  • Immediate Work
  • No Activity
  • Shift Items/Meals
  • Time Off

The Schedule State Group view enables you to create a new group, copy and paste an existing group, edit, and delete groups. See Configuring Schedule State Groups.

For information about setting adherence rules for Schedule State Groups, see Configuring Adherence Rules.

Schedule State Groups and Genesys States

Each schedule state group is associated with one or more Genesys states, such as CallRinging or WaitForNextCall. Each group can include an additional reason (aux) code, sent with the related Genesys state, that further identifies what the agent is doing.

You can apply the Start Before Threshold and Start After Threshold values to each schedule state group; these values help you track agent adherence. Configure these functions in the Adherence Rules pane.

About Schedule States

The schedule states that you can include in schedule state groups are:

  • All breaks configured for the site
  • All meals configured for the site
  • All activities configured for the site
  • All exception types configured for the site
  • All time-off types configured for the site
  • Fixed states, which are:
    • Generic break, meal, exception, and activity states that you can use in place of specific meals, breaks, exceptions, and activities.
    • Day Off, Vacation, No Activity
Use these Fixed States to report the state, for which an agent is scheduled when a particular schedule state type (such as an Exception Type) has been deleted from WFM.
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