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IMW: Select State Type Screen

To fill in the Select State Type screen in the Insert Multiple Wizard (IMW):

  1. Select the state type that you want to insert.
    If you selected agents from more than one site at the Select Agents screen, then only these types are available: Day Off, Exception, Time Off, Marked Time, and Work Set.
  2. Click Finish or Next (to proceed to the next screen).

    The button that is enabled depends on the state that you have selected:
    • Finish button—Enabled if you select Day Off. Click it to insert a day off on the selected dates for the selected agents and close the wizard.
    • Next button—Enabled if you select any other state. Click it to open the appropriate wizard screen for selecting breaks, meals, exceptions, time off, shift, marked time or work set.
  3. To review or change your entries on the Select Dates screen, click Previous.
    Or click Cancel to close the wizard without saving your selection.
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