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Creating Business Units

This content may not be the latest Genesys Engage cloud content. To find the latest content, go to Workforce Management in Genesys Engage cloud.

To create a new business unit:

  1. In the Configuration > Organization module, select Business Unit.
  2. In the Business Unit pane, select New WM 851 icon-new.png .
    By default the Properties pane for this business unit is open.
  3. In the Name field, enter a name for the business unit.
    New Business Units are created with the default name, New Business Unit (<number>). The BU name must be unique. Therefore, Genesys recommends that you change it to a unique name, otherwise an error message appears prompting you to edit the name.
  4. In the Time Zone drop-down list, select a time zone for the new business unit.
  5. Click Save Now WM 851 icon-save.png .
    A new business unit appears.

For help with configuration of your new business unit, see Business Unit Properties.

Creating New Business Units Using Copy

To create a new business unit by copying an existing one:

  1. In the Business Unit pane, select a business unit.
  2. Click Copy WM 851 rotating pattern copy.png .
    The new business unit appears in the Business Units list with the same time zone as the business unit you copied.
  3. Do the rest of the configuration as described in Business Unit Properties and Business Unit Sites.
  4. Click Save Now WM 851 icon-save.png .
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