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Copy Schedule Dialog Box

The Copy Schedule dialog box appears when you right-click an agent schedule and select Copy Schedule from the shortcut menu in:

Text at the top of this dialog box contains the date to be copied:
Copying schedule of agent_name from date to:

To specify the copy-to date range:

  1. Click the date selector for Start date and enter or select the start date for the copy-to range.
  2. Click the date selector for End date and enter or select the end date for the copy-to range.
  3. Click OK.

    If the copy operation does not violate the agent's schedule constraints (maximum selection of six weeks, and the Start and End dates must fall within the target schedule's date range for the Master Schedule or schedule scenario), WFM copies the selected schedule day from the Start date to the End date. If the operation does violate schedule constraints, the Review Messages dialog box opens.  
  4. Under Action, keep Save or click the down arrow and select Do Not Save from the drop-down menu.
  5. When finished in this dialog box, click OK.
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