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This content may not be the latest Genesys Engage cloud content. To find the latest content, go to Workforce Management in Genesys Engage cloud.

Use the Intra-Day Schedule Rebuild Wizard's Select Options screen to select a start date and time and rescheduling options.  

  1. In the Date selector, enter or select the day to be rebuilt in the schedule.
    This date cannot be outside the scenario's date range. The default value shown is the date selected in the view from which the Wizard was called.
  2. In the Start from selector, enter or select the time in the scheduled day to start rebuilding.
    The default value shown is the computer's current time rounded to the nearest timestep start plus one hour. Before selecting the time from which you want to rebuild, consider that you will need to notify the affected agents of these changes.
  3. In the Time Zone selector, select the applicable time zone. The default is Local.
  4. Select one item from the Rescheduling Options list of self-explanatory radio-button choices. Selecting the final option (Reschedule breaks, meals, activities/activity sets/task sequences, shift start and/or end times may change) will enable check boxes that control whether shift start time, shift end time, and paid duration are fixed (not changeable).
    The final check box Paid duration is fixed in this grouping applies to breaks and meals (shift items), which are defined as paid or non-paid. If paid duration is fixed, when WFM rebuilds, it cannot give an agent a shift with a different paid duration than the agent currently has assigned. Otherwise, if the agent has a flexible Contract, it could be possible for the agent to get assigned a shorter or longer shift than currently assigned. The agent could potentially be assigned different meals and breaks as well.
  5. Keeping the Auto-commit changes check box default value (selected) instructs the schedule builder to commit all schedule changes. Otherwise, they will be put into the schedule in a pending mode.
  6. Click Next to continue, or Cancel to discard your selections and close the wizard.

For information about task sequences (which are included in the fourth and fifth rescheduling options), see Shift Task Sequences.

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