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Associating Agents With Activities

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Use the Agents pane within the Activities view to associate agents with activities. To open this pane, select Agents at the top of the Activity Properties pane.

Agents can work on activities under two conditions:

  1. They have the proper skill set. Their skills must match the skills required for the activity.
  2. They are eligible for activity assignments. If the effective date is before the current date, these assignments override the agent’s eligibility to work on the activity accordingly to the skill set.

To adjust which agents are associated with an activity, change the skill settings for either:

Associating Agents with an Activity

To associate an agent with an activity:

  1. In the Activities pane, select the activity, with which you want to associate agents.
  2. At the top of the Activity Properties pane, click Agents.
  3. The Agents Associated with The Activity pane opens.
  4. Click Associate agents with the activity  WM 851 agent activities plus.png.
    The Available Agents pane opens.
  5. In the Effective Date field, enter (or click within the field to select from a calendar) the date that you want the association to begin.
  6. In the Status field, use the drop-down list to select one of four options: Primary, Secondary, Auto, or Disabled.
  7. In the Available Agents list, select the agents you want to associate with this activity.
    To quickly find an agent, enter the agents name into the Search field and click one of the two Search by:  filters (First Name or Last Name radio button).
  8. When you have selected all agents, click Apply WM 851 agent activities assign.png .
    To disassociate (or remove) an agent from an activity, go to Configuration > Agents > Activities view.
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