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Scenario Intra-Day: Edit Comments Dialog Box

Use the Edit Comments dialog box to enter or view comments about an agent's schedule for the selected day in the Scenario Intra-Day or Agent-Extended view. To open this dialog box:

  • Double-click the Comments cell (in the column labeled *) for the appropriate agent.

The Comments column is visible only if you select it on the Columns tab of the Options dialog box.

This dialog box contains the following controls:

  • Comments—Enter or edit comments in this text box.
  • OK—Click this button to accept your changes and close the dialog box. (The WFM database does not save your comments until you save the scenario.)
  • Cancel—Click this button to discards your changes and close the dialog box.
Adding and editing comments changes the schedule. Therefore, when you save comments, WFM validates the schedule and relevant schedule warning messages appear. A schedule warning message that is generated when you first save the schedule scenario may continue to be regenerated when you save your comments if the schedule continues to contain the problems that were noted in the warning.
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