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Associating Sites with Bidding Periods

To associate a site with a bidding period:

  1. In the Bidding Periods pane, select a one that you want to associated with a site.
  2. In the Site pane, click the plus sign WM 851 agent activities plus.png.
    A list of sites in the selected business unit displays.
  3. Select one of more sites to associate with this bidding period and click the arrow < to move them to the Sites pane.
  4. Click Save Now WM 851 icon-save.png .

See also, Using Copy to Associate Sites with a Bidding Period.

Removing a Site from a Bidding Period

To remove a site from a bidding period:

  1. Select the site that you want to remove.
  2. Click Delete WM 851 icon-delete.png .
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