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Filter Dialog Box

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Use the Filter dialog box to change which items appear in the Calendar Items module:

  1. Select the Calendar tab.
  2. Select Calendar Items from the Views menu.
  3. Select one or more objects from the Objects pane. An object can be:
    • In the Agents tree: a business unit, site, team, or agent
    • in the Activities tree:  business unit, a multi-site activity, site, activity.
  4. Select a date or dates on the Calendar.
  5. Click Get data.
  6. Click the Filter icon on the Calendar Items module toolbar or select Filter from the Actions menu. The Filter dialog box appears. It has three tabs:
    • Calendar Items lists all exception types, preference types, time-off types, and rotating patterns.
    • Status Requested lists all statuses that can appear in the Status Requested column of the Calendar table.
    • Status Actual lists all statuses that can appear in the Status Actual column of the Calendar table.
  7. Clear the check boxes for any Calendar items or statuses that you want to hide from the Calendar display. Or select the check boxes for any currently hidden items that you want to display.
  8. Click OK to save your changes or Cancel to restore the existing selections.
    The Calendar view is updated to match your selection.
By default, if another user adds a new exception type while you have Calendar open, the new exception type is cleared in the Calendar Filter dialog box. To see agents who have an exception of the new type assigned, open the Filter dialog box and select the check box for the new exception type.
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