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Auto-Assign Schedules Wizard

You reached this wizard by clicking Auto-Assign Schedules WM 851 auto-assign schedules icon.png in the toolbar.

Follow these steps to auto-assign schedules:

  1. Select a site.
  2. Select a ranking system by clicking one of these three radio buttons:
    • Seniority favors agents by their hire dates.
    • Rank favors agents by their rank, as defined by a supervisor in the WFM Configuration Utility's Agent Configuration window.
    • Seniority + Rank favors agents by Seniority first, and if that results in a tie, then uses Rank as the criterion.
  3. Select a target (which agents will be assigned schedules).

    All Agents—Auto-assigns from the pool of all agents. Here are two uses for this option:
    • You previously prepared profile schedules, not intended for bidding but for 400 new agents that you have now hired, and need to assign.
    • Bidding is resolved but you still need to assign a few profile schedules to real agents.
    Bidding Agents Only (default)—Auto-assigns only those agents that were designated as eligible to bid, in the Bidding Candidates Selection dialog.
  4. Click OK to begin the auto-assignment process or Cancel to abandon it.
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