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Calculate Distribution Wizard

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Use this wizard to calculate the distribution of an Overlay.

  1. Open the Forecast module and select Overlays in the modules area.
  2. Select an Overlay in the objects area.
    Prerequisite: The Overlay property Always Use Entered Distribution must be selected.
  3. Click Calculate Distribution ( WM 851 icon calculate distribution.png ) or select Calculate Distribution from the Action menu.
    The Calculate Distribution Wizard opens, and displays the following pages:

Select Activities Page

  1. Select one or more Activities.
  2. Select or enter a Start date and an End date in the Use Historical Data area.
  3. Optional: check Use Overlap Templates to enable the Load Overlap Templates page (see below).
  4. Click Next.

Load Overlap Templates Page

Select the overlap templates to use when calculating distribution. This page uses the same controls as Load Forecast Overlap Templates in the Volumes Build Wizard.

Select Events Page

This page uses the same controls as the Select Events page in the Volumes Build Wizard, with some differences. The grid at the top displays a list of events in the overlay ... but only events which fall within the specified historical data date range. The grid has these columns:

Event—The event's name.

Start Date-Time—The event’s start date and time.

Enabled—Select this check box if the event should be considered for calculations.

Below the list are other controls:

  1. Select the events (configured for the overlay) to be used when calculating distribution.
  2. Important
    The controls for specifying impact that appear on the Select Events page in the Volumes Build Wizard) are not displayed if the selected event belongs to an overlay that has one of these options specified on the Properties tab: Always Use Entered Distribution, Always Calculate Disregarding Impacts and Distribution.
  3. Click the Distribution button to display the Distribution dialog, which contains the same controls and presents the same data that appear on the Distribution tab.

    The Distribution button is displayed if the selected event belongs to an overlay that has one of the Always Use Entered Distribution option specified on the Properties tab.
  4. Make your selections from the Distribution tab controls.
  5. Click Finish.
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