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Configuring Time-Off Bidding Periods

To configure a bidding period:

  1. In the Configuration module, select Configuration > Time-Off Bidding Periods.
  2. Select a site within a business unit and click New WM 851 icon-new.png .
    The Time-Off Bidding Period Properties pane opens.
  3. Enter the bidding period parameters in the following fields:
    • Name—Enter a name for the bidding period.
    • Processing date and time—Enter the date and time that the requests within this bidding period will be processed.
    • Start date and time—Enter the date and time that this bidding period starts.
    • End date and time—Enter the date and time that this bidding period ends.
  4. From the drop-down list, select a Time zone. (You can choose the business unit time zone, if desired.)
  5. Enter a value for the Minimum days per request.
  6. Select one of four priorities for this bidding period; Rank, Seniority, Seniority and Rank, or First come, first serve.
    Requests will be granted, declined, or wait-listed, based on the priority.
  7. Check the Do not process this time-off bidding period. (It will be automatically checked by system after it was processed) check box if you do not want the bidding period to be processed for any reason.
  8. In the Message to agents field, add any message that you feel is relevant to this bidding period.
  9. Associate sites with this bidding period.
  10. Click Save Now WM 851 icon-save.png .
    When saving bidding periods, if the dates for any two periods for the same site overlap, WFM displays an error message.

Deleting a Bidding Period

To delete a bidding period:

  1. In the Time-Off Bidding Periods pane, select the bidding period that you want to delete.
  2. Click Delete WM 851 icon-delete.png .
  3. When the Confirmation dialog opens, select Yes to delete the selected bidding period or No to cancel the action.
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