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Forecast Role Privileges

This content may not be the latest Genesys Engage cloud content. To find the latest content, go to Workforce Management in Genesys Engage cloud.

The role privileges under Forecast provide the following user access:

  • Read—Controls user access to:
    • Creating Forecast Scenarios.
    • Viewing and edit shared Forecast Scenarios.
    • Viewing the Master Forecast.
    • Extracting the Master Forecast to their own or shared Scenarios.
    • Viewing Historical Data.
      If Read is unchecked, all other privileges under Forecast are also unchecked.
  • Publish—Controls user access to all Read permissions plus permission to publish to the Master their own Forecast Scenarios or shared scenarios.

    Three security options are available under this Forecast Publish right:
    • Publish IV to Master Forecast
    • Publish AHT to Master Forecast
    • Publish Staffing to Master Forecast

      If only one or two of these permissions are granted, the user will not have full security access to the Publish.
      Only those users who have access to Publish before migration will have access to the new options after migration.
  • View All Scenarios—Controls user access to all Read permissions plus permission to:
    • View, edit and share all Forecast Scenarios.
    • Extract from the Master Forecast to all Scenarios.
  • Edit Historical Data—Controls user access to all Read permissions plus permission to:
    • Edit historical data to be used when creating a Forecast Scenario.
    • Copy/paste historical data to/from Excel.
  • Overlays—Controls user access to all Read permissions plus access to all Overlays functionality in the Forecast module.
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