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Time-Off Bidding

You enable the Time-Off Bidding feature by configuring bidding periods and associating them with sites. Then, when agents within the site submit multiple time off requests concurrently that fall within a bidding period, WFM processes them on the specified processing date for the bidding period. WFM grants these time-off requests, based on seniority and/or rank, and any time-off requests that are not granted, are processed, based on the order of submission, if there are available slots in time-off limits.

To enable the time-off (vacation) bidding feature:

After this feature is configured, WFM processes modifications, such as editing, deleting, cancelling, and manually granting as one action. For example, if one time-off item in multiple requests is deleted, all of the items created at that same time are deleted.

Agents can submit time-off requests in the same way that they always did, but WFM does not auto-grant or take any other action if they are within a configured time-off request window (even partially). WFM processes these requests on the bidding process date and time (resolution date/time).

Resolution of Time Off Requests

On the bidding period processing date and time, WFM uses the resolution rule that was configured for the bidding period (see step 6 in Configuring a Bidding Period) and automatically resolves time off preferences by either granting them or performing some other action, such as wait-listing. When the resolution process is complete, WFM continues to process any time-off requests that were not processed in a previous processing date as usual, on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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