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Adherence Graphical View

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Use the Adherence Graphical view to see a pie-chart summary of agents' adherence states.

The following sections cover:

Displaying the Adherence Graphical View

To display the Graphical view:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • In the Modules tree, select Adherence > Graphical module.
    • If you are in the Adherence Details view, use the Adherence drop-down list (on the right side of the toolbar) to select the Graphical module.
  2. In the Objects tree, select the teams or agents that you want, and then click Get data.
    If you previously selected teams or agents in the Adherence Details view, these selections remain. You can modify them if you want to.

    You can expand business units to display their sites and expand sites to display their teams and agents. You can select an entire site or multiple sites within a single business unit, or any combination of agents and teams within the business unit. For independent sites, you can select the entire site or any number of teams and agents within the site.

    Selecting a site or its teams/agents in a different business unit clears any previous selection within the first business unit. Or (for independent sites) selecting a different site or its teams/agents  clears your selections under the first site.
    The pie chart displays adherence data for the selected agents and/or teams.
  3. To filter the displayed information by state or by reason (aux) code, click the Filter button on the Actions toolbar  or select Settings from the Actions menu.

How to Read the Chart

The pie chart summarizes the share of agents in each of the following adherence states:

  • Adherence.
  • Non-adherence.
  • Severe non-adherence. (Severe non-adherence means that the agent has been non-adherent for more minutes than a defined threshold allows. This threshold is set in the WFM Configuration Utility, at the site level.)

Each category is represented by a colored wedge in the pie chart. The Legend (below the chart) identifies each color's meaning. If no data is available, the whole chart is gray.

Beside each wedge, the first number shows the percentage of agents in the category. The second number shows the actual number of agents in the category.

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