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Delete Multiple Wizard

This content may not be the latest Genesys Engage cloud content. To find the latest content, go to Workforce Management in Genesys Engage cloud.

Use the Delete Multiple function to remove one or more items from one or more agents' schedules at once. You can use the Delete Multiple Wizard (DMW) to delete items from either schedule scenarios or the Master Schedule.

To use the Delete Multiple Wizard:

  1. From the Agent-Extended, Intra-Day, or Weekly view's Actions toolbar or Actions menu, select Delete Multiple.
    If you have unsaved changes, WFM Web prompts you to save them before proceeding.
  2. Select activities from the Delete Multiple Wizard's screen Select Activities.
  3. Select agents from the Delete Multiple Wizard's screen Select Agents.
    Agents without skills are not displayed in the Select Agents screen.
  4. Select the agents whose schedules you are editing.
    If you are deleting items from the Master Schedule and you have the Approve Changes security permission, you can select the Auto-Commit deleted items check box to have your items immediately deleted from the Master Schedule. If you do not have the necessary security permission, this check box is cleared and disabled. In that case, any deletions that you make are pending, and they must be reviewed and approved before they can take effect in the Master Schedule. If you are deleting items from a schedule scenario, you have the option to select the Auto-Commit deleted items check box. If selected, then your deletions are committed to your schedule scenario. If not selected, then your deletions go into a Pending state. They can be committed or rolled back by you using the Commit/Rollback Multiple wizard. Pending changes in a schedule scenario are not transferred to the Master Schedule when the scenario is published.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Select the dates from which to delete items in the Select Dates screen, then click Next.
    Any item that overlaps the dates and times selected will be deleted, even if it overlaps by as little as a minute.
  7. In the Select State Types screen, select one or more states. Then click Next.
  8. Fill in the Select Breaks, Select Meals, Select Exceptions, Select Time Offs or Select Marked Times screen that appears next. Then click Finish.

The view reappears. If Auto-Commit was on, your changes are committed to the schedule. If not, the changes are in a Pending mode.

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