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Activity Properties

This content may not be the latest Genesys Engage cloud content. To find the latest content, go to Workforce Management in Genesys Engage cloud.

When you select a site and add an activity, the Activity Properties pane opens and you can configure activity policies to establish rules and guidelines that determine how, when, and in which activities the agent can engage.

The Activity properties are described in the following section.

In the Activity Properties section:  

  • Name—Enter a name for this activity. The name must be unique within the site.
  • Short Name—Enter a short name for this activity. The short name can be up to three characters and identifies the activity in Schedule displays. The short name does not need to be unique.
  • Type—Select one of the following three options:
    • Immediate Work—Activities that use Workforce Management service objectives for Forecasting and Adherence.
    • Deferred Work—Backlog activities, such as e-mail, that use special forecasting calculations.
    • Fixed-Staff Work—Activities that do not use Workforce Management service objectives.
  • Activity Set—If this activity becomes part of an Activity Set, this field is automatically populated with the name of the activity set.
  • Maximum Simultaneous Users—Enter a value that represents the maximum number of agents or staff that can work on this activity simultaneously.
  • Minimum Staffing Level—Enter a value for the minimum percentage of agents or the minimum number of agents required for this activity and select the appropriate radio button: Percent or Agents.

In the Hours of Operation section:

  • Monday to Sunday fields—Enter start and end times.
  • Next Day check box—Check or uncheck for each day, as required. Check the check box for those days on which the hours of operation extend into the next day.
  • Closed check box—Check or uncheck for each day, as required. Check the check box for those days when the contact center is closed. When checked, the start and end times for that day are disabled and cannot be modified. Lease the check box is unchecked, if the contact center is open on that day.
  • Copy/Paste icons—Click to copy and paste start and end times, and next day settings from one day to another day.
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