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Contracts settings are similar to employment contracts, in that they are used to configure settings for agent availability times and days off that might be union or contractual requirements. In the same way, WFM automatically takes the Contract settings into consideration to produce legal schedules for every agent.

At the top of the Contracts Properties pane, use the following additional panes to configure properties and define scheduling parameters:

  • Constraints—Defines the basic scheduling parameters for each contract, including constraints on working hours, working days, and the duration between working days.
  • Availability Patterns—Defines the default settings for the days and hours that each contract can be scheduled.
  • Day-Off and Weekend Rules—Defines the default settings for the days off per planning period, weekend rules, specified days off, and consecutive days off rules.
  • Synchronization—Ensures that an agent starts each workday within a user-defined time threshold.
  • Shifts—Displays a list of shifts that are assigned to the selected Contract.
  • Agents—Displays a list of agents that are associated with the selected Contract.
  • Profiles—Displays a list of profiles that are associated with the selected Contract.
  • Advanced Hours—Displays the Contract minimum and maximum hours.

In the Shifts, Agents, and Profile views, use the following panes to further configure Contracts:


  • Available Shifts pane—Used to set the state of the shift assignment (Primary or Secondary) and, from a list of available shifts, select one or more to assign to (or remove from) the selected Contract.


  • Associate Agents pane—Used to assign an effective date for the selected Contract and, from a list of available agents, select one or more to associate with the selected Contract.


  • Profile Properties pane—Used to create a new Profile,  add and delete skills to/from a Profile, and save any changes.
  • Associate Skills pane—Used to assign a skills level and, from a list of available skills, select one or more to associate with a Profile.

Use the Site Settings pane to configure settings for the selected site, such as minimum durations for start and end of working days, start times between consecutive working days,  schedule planning period type, and planning period start date.

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