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Business Units

This content may not be the latest Genesys Engage cloud content. To find the latest content, go to Workforce Management in Genesys Engage cloud.

A business unit (BU) consists of a set of sites that may be grouped together because the agents at the sites perform the same activity, or for ease of management.  Go to Configuration > Organization > Business Units to view this pane.

For monitoring purposes, you can group activity results from the various locations as a single business unit, allowing contact center managers to evaluate activity performance across locations. For display and staffing purposes, Workforce Manager splits the activity load among the sites that compose the business unit.

Use these panes to:

  • Create a new business unit or edit an existing one.
  • Delete a business unit.
  • Copy a business unit.
  • Use the Sites pane to link sites to a business unit.

Business Unit Pane Controls

WM 851 icon search.png Search field Enter the search criteria. For example, the name of the business unit.
WM 851 icon-new.png New Click to create a new business unit.
WM 851 icon-delete.png Delete Click to delete the selected business unit.
WM 851 rotating pattern copy.png Copy Click to copy the selected business unit to create a new one.
WM 851 icon-help.png Help Click to view a Help topic for the Business Unit pane.

When you create a business unit, the Properties pane is open for any selected business unit.  It is the default selection in this pane. (The other selection is Sites.)

Properties Pane Controls

WM 851 icon-save.png Save Now Click to save the properties after you have entered them or made changes.
WM 851 icon-help.png Help Click to view a Help topic for the Properties pane.
Name field Enter a name for the business unit.
Time Zone drop-down list Click to select a time zone for this business unit.
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