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Add Overhead Wizard

The Add Overhead Wizard contains the following pages:

Select Activity Page

This page appears only if the selected target in the Overheads view is a multi-site activity.

  1. Select an activity (in the list, each is followed by its site name in parentheses).
  2. Click Next.

Select Schedule State Group Page

Use this page to select a Schedule State Group (SSG) from the drop-down list of SSGs that...

  • ...belong to the same site as the local activity that was selected in the Object tree or in the Overheads view if a multi-site activity was selected.
  • ...are configured as overhead-related.

Set Initial Value Page

Use this page to specify initial overhead values. Select one of the following radio buttons:

  • Initial value—Select, then use the edit control to specify a value for each time step (must be 0 or more, and less than 100%).
  • Use template—Select, then click the Load Templates button to use a dialog to select the overhead template to be applied.
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