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IMW: Select Agents Screen

To fill in the Select Agents screen in the Insert Multiple Wizard (IMW):

  1. Select any combination of agents.
    You can select individual agents from multiple teams, or you can select whole teams or the whole site. Only objects that you had selected the last time you clicked Get data are available.
  2. If you want, select Insert only if there are no errors and/or Show warnings.

    If you select the Insert only if there are no errors check box, then when you try to save the new items, WFM Web will not insert any of them if the server returns any schedule validation errors.

    If you select the Show warnings check box, WFM Web displays any schedule validation warnings that would be generated if the items were inserted into agents' schedules.
    If schedule validation errors also occur, WFM Web does not insert any of your changes into the schedule.
  3. If you are editing the Master Schedule and have Approve Changes security permission, you can select the Auto-Commit inserted items check box to have your changes immediately inserted into the Master Schedule. If you do not have the necessary security permission, this check box is cleared and disabled. In that case, any inserts that you make are pending, and they must be reviewed and approved before they can take effect in the Master Schedule.

    If you are editing a schedule scenario, you have the option to select the Auto-Commit inserted items check box. If checked, your changes are committed to the schedule scenario. If not checked, your changes go into a Pending state. They can be committed or rolled back by you using the Commit/Rollback Multiple wizard. Pending changes in a schedule scenario are not transferred to the Master Schedule when the scenario is published.
  4. Click Next to open the Select Dates screen.
    Click Cancel if you want to close the wizard without saving your selection.
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