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Cleanup Master Forecast Window

Use the Cleanup Master Forecast window if you need to remove information from the Master Forecast for specific dates and activities.

This feature deletes all data that was saved for the selected date range and activities. Genesys recommends that you do not use the Cleanup Master Forecast feature unless it is absolutely necessary. If you must remove Master Forecast data, Genesys recommends that you first extract the data to a forecast scenario (using the Publish Forecast Wizard), and/or make a backup of the WFM database.

To remove Master Forecast information:

  1. In the Start date and End date pane, select the range of dates for which you want to remove data, using the standard date selectors.
  2. From the Activities list, select the activities whose forecast information you want to remove.
    You can expand business units to display their sites and you can expand sites to display their activities. You can select multiple activities across sites.
  3. Click OK to remove the Master Forecast information that you have specified, or click Cancel to close the window without changing the Master Forecast.
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