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Creating and Deleting Activity Sets

Use Activity Sets to combine activities into groups for multi-skilled scheduling. At the top of the Activities pane, click Activity Sets and configure activity sets for a selected site.

You must create activities before you can configure activity sets.

When using activity sets, be aware of the following:

  • Activity sets are separately configured for each site. You cannot configure activity sets for business units.
  • An activity in an activity set can be incorporated in a multi-skilled schedule only with other activities from the same set.
  • An activity cannot belong to more than one activity set.
  • An activity belonging to an activity set can only be scheduled using the activity set.
  • To configure an activity so that it will never be incorporated in a multi-skilled schedule, create an activity set containing only that one activity.
  • The activity set constraint is incompatible with the maximum seats constraint. If there is a conflict, Scheduler gives priority to the activity set constraint.

Agents assigned to an activity set perform the selected activities on a multi-skilled basis. These agents cannot be assigned to any other activities during the minimum time period specified for the activity set.

To accommodate those times when some agents cannot be assigned to work on an activity set, Genesys recommends that you always keep an activity that is not a part of an activity set available for agents to perform during the activity set open hours. If the activity set becomes overstaffed before all agents are scheduled, Scheduler tries to create activity set work for them. However, if an agent's unassigned period is shorter than the minimum activity set period, Scheduler has to assign the agent an extended period with no activities at all (forced break) because no activity is available for him or her to work on.

Creating Activity Sets

To create an Activity Set:

  1. In the Objects pane, select the site, for which you want to create the activity set.
  2. At the bottom of the Activities pane, click Activity Sets.
  3. In this pane, click New Activity Set WM 851 new activity set.png .
    The Activity Set Properties pane opens.
  4. Configure the following settings, as described:
    • Name—Enter a name for the activity set.  The name must be unique within the site.
    • Short Name—Enter a three-letter short name for the activity set.
    • Minimum Duration—Enter a value for the minimum length of time that an agent can work on the activities within this activity set.
    • Strict—Check this box if you do not want meals, part-day exceptions, or part-day time offs to be scheduled during the activity set period. (Breaks can be scheduled during the activity set.) Leave this box unchecked, if breaks, meals, part-day exceptions, and part-day time offs can interrupt this activity set. (The only constraint is the minimum duration.)
  5. Click Save Now WM 851 icon-save.png .
  6. Continue with the configuration of the activity set by adding activities to it. See Adding Activities to Activity Sets.

Deleting Activity Sets

To delete an activity set:

  1. In the Activity Sets pane, select the set that you want to delete.
  2. Click Delete WM 851 icon-delete.png .
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