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Provisioning functionality

These topics introduce the functionality of Workspace and provide information about provisioning the functionality to suite the needs of your contact center. For details about using the functionality, refer to the Workspace 8.5 User's Guide and Workspace Context-Sensitive Help.

For details about how to use Genesys Administrator Extension to provision Genesys applications, refer to Genesys Administrator Extension Help and Genesys Administrator Extension Deployment Guide.

Workspace provides a secure agent interface to the Genesys 8 Suite. The functionality of Workspace is controlled for each agent by Role Based Access Control (RBAC). This section describes the functionality in general terms. Refer to the Workspace 8.5 User's Guide and Workspace Context-Sensitive Help for detailed explanations of the functionality and interface use.

Basic agent configuration

Find information about how to get an agent's account ready for the agent to login and start using Workspace.

Set up interaction channels

Find detailed information about how to configure communication channels like voice, outbound, email, and chat.

Additional agent configuration

Find additional procedures for enabling reporting, KPIs, and contact management.

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