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Application options

For the most up to date Workspace Desktop Edition configuration options, see the Genesys Configuration Option Database.


  • Default Value: main-window
  • Valid Values: main-window
  • Changes take effect: When the application is started or restarted.
  • Description: Specifies whether the Main Window is available on launch. If this option is left blank, the Main View not is accessible at launch time. The agent will have to open the application from the system tray.


  • Default Value: $AllNonDefault$
  • Valid Values: The name of a secondary audio device or $AllNonDefault$.
  • Changes take effect: When the application is started or restarted.
  • Description: If the default value $AllNonDefault$ is specified, then the sound will be played on all plugged-in audio devices, not including the default audio device. The value can also be a string that defines a unique audio device in the system. Regular expressions can be used to identify the device. This device must not be the same as the default device. For example, if the value Speakers / Headphones is specified in the Windows Sound configuration panel as the default audio device, then this device cannot be specified as a secondary audio device.


  • Default Value: ""
  • Valid Values: A locale name based on the LanguageCode-CountryCode format (for example: en-US)
  • Changes take effect: At next request to the online help.
  • Description: Specifies the locale of the Workspace online help. When this option is left empty, Workspace tries to find the online help that corresponds with the current language selected by the agent. If set to a valid locale, Workspace accesses the online help of the specified language.

  • Default Value: ""
  • Valid Values: A valid web page URL.
  • Changes take effect: At next request to the on-line help.
  • Description: Specifies the URL of the Workspace help home page. When this option is specified, all access requests to the on-line help are redirected to this page. You can use this feature to redirect help requests to your own "quick help" page that focuses on the business of your agents.
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