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Section: interaction-workspace
Default Value: 0
Valid Values: any integer greater or equal to 0
Changes Take Effect: At the next interaction.
Related Options: eservices.session-restore-mediatype, agent-session-restore-timeout

Specifies the time, in seconds, after reconnection to Interaction Server to retrieve the ownership of interactions of media types that are specified by the value of the eservices.session-restore-mediatype option.

  • If the value 0 is specified, the interaction is automatically closed when connection to Interaction Server is lost.
  • The value of this option is dependent on the value of the Interaction Server agent-session-restore-timeout option.


Section: interaction-workspace
Default Value: chat,email,sms
Valid Values: A comma-separated list of valid eServices/Digital Media Types from the following list: chat, email, sms, and configured workitem media types (for example: pdf or fax)
Changes Take Effect: At the next interaction.
Related Options: eservices.session-restore-timeout

Specifies the media types that are allowed to reconnect when a lost connection to Interaction Server is restored, as specified by the eservices.session-restore-timeout option. Workspace will not try to reconnect any media types that are not specified by this option. Note: Social Media Types supported by WDE plugins are not supported by this option.


Section: interaction-workspace
Default Value: false
Valid Values: true,false
Changes Take Effect: When the application is started or restarted.

Specifies whether eServices license use optimization is used or the legacy mode is used.

When the value is set to true, Workspace ensures that:

  • The connection to Interaction Server is not opened when no eServices media channel is selected at login time
  • The connection to Interaction Server is closed when all eServices media channel are logged off during the session

This does not affect supervisors that have Queue or Team Workbin Management privileges.

This ensures that an eServices seat license is checked out only when a media is logged on by the agent or when a supervisor privilege is granted to the user.

Consequently, when no media are logged on, agents cannot see the content of their workbins.

When the value of this option is set to false (legacy behavior), Workspace connects to Interaction Server and logs the agent on the place as soon as an eServices media privilege is granted to the agent.

eServices Options

For the most up to date Workspace Desktop Edition configuration options, see the Genesys Configuration Option Database.

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