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Client-side port security

Use the Procedure: Enabling client-side port definition to define the access ports for each application to which Workspace connects to ensure the security of the system. This feature is configured partially on Framework Configuration Server and partially on the Workspace application in Genesys Administrator Extension. The Client-Side Port Definition chapter of the Genesys Security Deployment Guide. provides detailed information on client-side port definition.


When you set the client-side port for the connection to Configuration Server, ensure that you use the Interaction_Workspace_850.apd template; do not use the Interaction_Workspace_AgentDesktop_850.apd template.

If a connection to at least one back-end server is configured with an explicit client-side port, after exiting, the agent must wait for a system timeout before they are able to initialize Workspace application again. The timeout is positioned at the Windows OS level through the following registry key: TcpTimedWaitDelay. This is a system level limitation.

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