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Workspace Plug-ins

The following Workspace compatible plug-ins are available from Genesys:

  • Genesys Predictive Engagement for Workspace: Genesys Predictive Engagement (formerly Altocloud) is a customer journey analytics platform that analyzes all kinds of customer journey behavior and data. It can be used to observe and analyze visitors on your digital properties, such as websites. Genesys Predictive Engagement can predict what it will take for visitors to achieve a desirable business outcome, and then acts to offer the most appropriate and effective channel to assist them in completing their journey.
    Genesys Predictive Engagement requires you to provision a Genesys Engage/Genesys Cloud Hybrid Integration to use this service. Refer to: Provisioning Genesys Engage Hybrid Integrations and Integrating Genesys Predictive Engagement into Genesys Engage on-premises.
  • Workspace Plug-ins for LYNC / Skype: Genesys provides a plugin that adds functionality to Workspace Desktop Edition to tightly integrate it with the Skype for Business client on the agent desktop. Through the plugin, agents can handle voice, video, and instant messaging interactions handled by Skype for Business, in addition to accessing their Skype for Business contacts and seeing their presence status.
  • Workspace Plug-ins for Social Media: Genesys provides a plugin that adds functionality to Workspace Desktop Edition, enabling agents to handle social media interactions.
  • Workspace Plug-in Genesys Agent Scripting: Genesys Agent Scripting provides customized solutions to the agent desktop to guide an agent through each interaction by structuring, enriching, and optimizing agent conversation and workflow.
  • Genesys Web Engagement Plug-in for Workspace: Genesys Web Engagement provides the ability to monitor, identify, and proactively engage web visitors in conversations that match business objectives.
  • Genesys Co-browse Plug-in for Workspace: Genesys Co-browse provides the ability for an agent and the end customer to browse and navigate the same web page at the same time. In a Genesys Co-browse session, both the agent and the customer share the same instance of the screen, as opposed to a conventional screen sharing application, where one of the parties sees an image of the other party's browser instance.

Refer to Installing plug-ins for Workspace for information about installing Workspace compatible plug-ins.

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