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Enabling internal and external communications

Refer to Genesys Administrator Extension Help and Genesys Administrator Extension Deployment Guide for detailed information on how to use Genesys Administrator Extension and Management Framework to configure access permissions.

Setting up Voice and Outbound

Find information about setting up your agents' voice channel, universal look up tool (Team Communicator), voice mail, and voice call monitoring.

Setting up eServices channels

Find information about setting up your agents' email, chat, video, and SMS/MMS channels.

Setting up Callback

Find information about setting up your agents for Web Callback and Callback.

Miscellaneous set up

Find information about enabling your agents to handle workitems, manage interactions in workbins, exchange IM's with coworkers. Agents can also be set up to specify call outcomes (disposition), access contact history, edit case information, use standard responses, read broadcast messages, and be team leads/supervisors.

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