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Contact History


For information about Contact Management and search, refer to the Managing Contacts topic.


Enabling agents to manage and search contact and interaction history


To enable an agent to view, search, and update the history of a contact.


  1. Allow the following Contact Actions privileges (see Contact Management Privileges) for the role to which the agent is assigned (refer to the Procedure: Creating a Role and allowing a Workspace privilege and assigning a Role to an agent or agent group):
    • Can Use Contact Directory
    • Can Use Contact History
    • Can Use Interaction Search[Added:]
    • Can Use Contact History CaseData
    • Can Use Contact History Detail
    • Can Use Contact History Notepad
    • Can Use Contact Information
    • Can Use Contact my History
    • Can Use Save Contact
    • Contact Module
  2. Configure the Contact options in the interaction-workspace section of the Workspace Application object (refer to the Contact configuration option reference for a list of Contact options and a description of how to configure them).
  3. Enable UCS contact index to permit contact search in list views and Team Communicator, and enable UCS interaction index to permit searches on contact interactions in Contact History, My History, and Global Interaction Search views. For more information about enabling UCS index refer to the eServices (Multimedia) 8.0 User's Guide.
  4. (Optional) Configure Global Interaction Search.


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