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Pre-Upgrade Steps - Windows

  • Before proceeding with a Workbench upgrade:
    • Ensure ALL of the current/old Workbench version Services are Started/Running for a successful upgrade - on ALL Workbench Nodes (i.e. Primary and Additional)
    • At the end of a successful upgrade, ALL the old Workbench version Services will be Stopped set to Manual

Workbench N-1 Upgrade

  • Workbench only supports an N-1 upgrade path
  • Please ensure your on the immediate previous Workbench release before upgrading
  • i.e. Do not upgrade directly from to - instead from upgrade to, then upgrade to
    • Follow this approach for each and every Workbench release upgrade

Workbench to 9.2.xxx.xx upgrade - DataSync Utility

  • If/when your Workbench deployment has multi Data-Center's that are synchronized, please follow these steps below to avoid Workbench multi Data-Center data discrepancies
  1. On the Workbench Primary Node/Host (i.e. APAC)
  2. Extract the new downloaded "Workbench_9.2.xxx.xx_WINDOWS.zip" file to a working {WORK_DIR} directory (i.e. C:\tmp)
  3. Navigate into the "{WORK_DIR}\Workbench_9.2.xxx.xx_WINDOWS\ip\windows" directory
  4. Extract the "{WORK_DIR}\Workbench_9.2.xxx.xx_Installer_Windows.zip" file
  5. Navigate into the "{WORK_DIR}\Workbench_9.2.xxx.xx_Installer_Windows" directory
  6. Open a Command/Powershell Console As Administrator in the {WORK_DIR}\Workbench_9.2.000.00_Installer_Windows\ip\windows directory
  7. Run "wb_patch.bat"
  8. Enter the Workbench Primary ZooKeeper IP_ADDRESS:PORT of the Workbench Primary Node/Host (i.e.
    *If the Workbench Zookeeper has authentication enabled, provide the respective Primary Zookeeper username and password
  9. The DataSync Utility will execute and provide progress information in the console.
  10. It is a one time process and we don't require the steps while upgrading other Data centers.
  • Only now commence the to 9.2.xxx.xx Workbench upgrade
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