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Workbench Dashboards

Workbench Dashboards are a placeholder for a collection of "Visualizations" that display health, status and event data.

Workbench Dashboards provide at-a-glance insights into data that has been ingested from your Genesys Engage platform as well as Workbench related data/events.

To view and use Workbench Dashboards, click Dashboards on the Workbench top navigation bar; post installation Dashboards (11) contain shipped examples to view and use, detailed below:

WB 9.1 Dashboards.png

Dashboard Functionality

With Workbench Dashboards you can:

  • Create new Dashboards
  • Search for Dashboards
  • Share Dashboards
  • Clone/Copy Dashboards
  • Edit/Customize Dashboards
  • Full-Screen Dashboards
  • Arrange Visualizations within the Dashboards.
  • Gain monitoring and troubleshooting insights from the shipped Dashboards and newly created Dashboards.
  • Use and learn from shipped example Dashboards.
  • View the shipped Visualizations within the shipped Dashboards.

Genesys Home Dashboard

Workbench ships with a "_Genesys Home" Dashboard; this Dashboards contains several shipped Visualizations providing key information such as:

  • Workbench Status Summary
  • Workbench Agent Status
  • Workbench to Genesys Engage Integration Status
  • Workbench Data Centers
  • Workbench Remote Alarm Monitoring Status
  • Workbench General Settings

WB 9.1 Login Home.png

Dashboard Examples

Workbench ships with the following example Dashboard templates:

  • _Genesys Alarms Example
  • _Genesys Applications Example
    • Note: Workbench only monitors Server Type applications and not Client applications; therefore the Total/Up/Down/Unknown counts may be different from GAX and GA
  • _Genesys Changes Example
  • _Genesys Channel Monitoring Example
  • _Genesys HA Pairs Example
  • _Genesys Home
  • _Genesys Hosts Example
  • _Genesys Metrics Overview Example
  • _Genesys Remote Alarm Monitoring Example
  • _Genesys Solutions Example
  • _Genesys Workbench Summary Example>

Metrics Overview Example Dashboard

Workbench 9.1 adds a Metric data ingestion feature that enables observability of host and process CPU, Memory, Disk and Network metric data, providing rich insights and analysis capability into host and process metric utilization, performance and trends.

WB 9.1 Metrics Dashboard Select Host.png

  • Workbench Dashboards and Visualizations leverage the Elastic Kibana component, please review the Kibana documentation (https://www.elastic.co/kibana) for further comprehensive guidance on Dashboards and Visualizations.
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