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Workbench Discover Console

The Workbench Discover Console allows the user to explore and visualize the raw data events ingested into Workbench.

Use the Discover Console to:

  • View and analyze raw ingested document data for a given time range
  • Submit searches via the "Search bar"
  • Add Filters based on the fields in the document
  • View the count of ingested documents over time via the top histogram

Discover Console Examples

An example Discover output:

Wb9 discover 1.png

An example Discover output with an alarm_severity: Critical filter applied:

Wb9 discover 2.png

An example Discover output with the "wbmetric_*" ingested data:

WB 9.1 Discover Metrics.png

An example Discover output with a "system.process.memory.rss.pct > 0.2" filter and specific fields selected:

WB 9.1 Discover Example3.png

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