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This is a Genesys Effect "Cheat Sheet" written especially for our LDR teams is divided into three pages:

  1. Summary provides an overview of the Genesys Effect
  2. FAQs includes common questions you may encounter
  3. PureSuccess provides more details on the new Customer Success offers that are part of Subscription

What is the Genesys Effect?

The Genesys Effect is a company initiative that will drive how we do business in 2018 and the years ahead. The Genesys Effect is a complete services story that begins with use cases (SMART), develops with a success service framework (PureSuccess), engages with Subscription, and ends with continuous enrichment and added value throughout a long-term relationship.

Please note that the Genesys Effect is an internal name only.

What are the Genesys Effect components?

The Genesys Subscription Plan includes use cases (SMART), bundled services options (called PureSuccess), and Subscription as one cohesive structure that is the Genesys answer to customer success.


SMART is the internal name for our program that analyzes the customer’s business objectives and challenges and then maps them to sets of use cases that drive specific outcomes. The result is a CX plan that is reliable, considers the customer’s level of CX expertise, focuses on the customer’s challenge, and provides faster time-to-value. SMART carries the promise of jump-starting progress in predictable and repeatable increments. Important: The term “SMART” is for internal and partner-facing content use only. Externally, this is a methodology based on Genesys use cases for marketing, sales, and services.


PureSuccess is a full-journey set of success offers available to subscription customers that include features of Strategic Business Consulting, Professional Services, Genesys University, and Customer Care all in one.

Please see the PureSuccess page for full details.


Subscription allows customers to purchase simplified offerings with more flexibility and at a lower up-front cost. Here’s a summary of the difference between being on a subscription model versus a perpetual license model:

  • Subscription – customer pays on a subscription basis. For example, if a customer commit is for two years, the customer pays the cost of “renting” during this two-year period. The customer must renew at the end of the two-year period. A subscription model is typically used for cloud products.
  • Perpetual License – this is the traditional consumption model for on-premise software purchases. The customer pays a large, up-front cost to “own” the software for life. Recurring revenue is typically through yearly support and maintenance services.

What offers include the Genesys Effect?

Genesys Engage and PureConnect users that deploy in the cloud automatically consume via a subscription model, but they now receive PureSuccess as part of the subscription (please see the PureSuccess page for details). In addition, use cases are also available.

Genesys Engage and PureConnect users that deploy on-premise now have the option of consuming via subscription. This is a key differentiator for Genesys and if the opportunity arises, Genesys Engage and Genesys Cloud prospects should be informed of this option. On-premise deployments get all the benefits of the Genesys Effect: use cases, PureSuccess and subscription.

Genesys Engage and PureConnect prospects can still select to consume through a perpetual license model, but they will not receive the benefits of PureSuccess. Customers that stay on a perpetual license model will receive Business Care.

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