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Genesys Care Release Notes

Tool/Product Notes
LFMT Client 8.5.x LFMT Client is the GAX Plugin UI component of LFMT
LFMT Collector 8.5.x LFMT Collector collects log files, from hosts, via Workbench Agent 8.5
LFMT Indexer 8.5.x LFMT Indexer indexes log files collected by LFMT Collector
Workbench Agent
  • Workbench Agent 8.5 is LFMT only
    • used with LFMT Collector to transfer log files to the LFMT Host(s)

  • Workbench Agent 9.x is Workbench only
    • used to send Host/Application Metrics (cpu, ram, disk, net) to the Workbench 9.x Host(s)

  • Workbench Agent 8.5 and 9.x can run on the same host if LFMT and Workbench functionality is required
Workbench Server 9.x The back-end components of Workbench
Workbench Client 9.x The UI components of Workbench
LFMU Log File Masking Utility - scrub/redact sensitive data from Genesys log files before sending to Genesys Support

Tool Downloads

The above tools can be download via the Genesys My Support portal.

WB 9.1 WB Download.png

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