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Genesys Care Remote Alarm Monitoring - Advanced Delivery

Genesys Remote Alarm Monitoring leverages intellectual property, tools, and best practices to mitigate and prevent issues before they occur. In situations when a critical alarm is received, Genesys can take corrective action in a highly efficient manner by proactively creating a new case, retrieving the required logs and immediately beginning issue resolution. Genesys Remote Alarm Monitoring reduces operational costs and provides business insight to continually optimize the environment. This service requires implementation of either the Genesys Monitoring Appliance (GMA) or the Alarm Monitoring client. The Proactive Log Retrieval component of the service requires the implementation of the Log File Management tool (LFMT).

The GMA remote alarm monitoring service stores Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data (e.g. usernames and email addresses) for more than 30 days. As such, GDPR queries relating to the Genesys GMA service should be sent to customercare@genesys.com and the request will be processed accordingly. Please include the respective <usernames> and/or <email addresses> related to your request as part of your email and we will ensure it is addressed quickly.

Advanced Delivery is our legacy version and for users that require coverage from a broad range of alarms, prefer a web-based dashboard, and that have resources to manage the onsite deployment of the Genesys Remote Alarm Monitoring system.

Remote Alarm Monitoring with Workbench provides the additional benefit of viewing an alarm monitoring console in Workbench and alarm details on a mobile device. Additional features include coverage of select critical/major alarms, mobile notification when an alarm is received, and the immediate routing of an alarm to Customer Care to open a support case on your behalf. Please see the Remote Alarm Monitoring section in the Workbench User's Guide for more information.


  • Genesys provides alarm configuration and monitoring benefits on a Genesys platform which includes the Genesys Monitoring Appliance (GMA) that provides the team insight into proactively discovering and responding to incidents.
  • For all alarms configured by Genesys on this platform, Genesys will provide resources to monitor all alarms and will use the established Genesys scripts for processing alarm notifications.
  • Comprehensive Solution Documentation available for Genesys Monitoring Appliance (GMA), including security and other installation requirements questions.
  • Installation and on-boarding executed remotely by team of technical experts on the service.
  • List of additional alarms available and supported.
  • System metrics coverage.
  • Usage of web-based alarm monitoring dashboard (see below for details).
  • Custom alarms (only available with Flex Care Support Architect.
  • “Proactive log file retrieval (Genesys Log File Management tool must be installed)”.

For More Information

Premium Support Alarms and Data Collection

  • This document provides details on the specific Alarms and Data Collection that the Genesys Monitoring Appliance can create.

GMA Technical Considerations

  • This document describes many of the typical implementation scenarios and risk mitigation strategies for your contact center environment.
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