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Log File Masking Utility User’s Guide


The Genesys Care Log File Masking Utility is provided for the purpose of masking sensitive data in log files. Sensitive data can include many different types of information. Usually defined by a business (or its customers), examples could include credit card numbers, personal addresses, or server hostnames. The protection of sensitive data is a major concern for any business. This data must be handled properly.

Genesys Customer Care handles thousands of support cases a year. The resolution of these support cases usually requires the common practice of reviewing application log files. Although Genesys applications can be configured to limit the presence of sensitive data in log files, it is possible for sensitive data to exist. This is attributable to:

  1. Customer or partner created applications that integrate with Genesys applications or SDKs
  2. No standard definitions of sensitive data.

The intent of the Genesys Care Log File Masking Utility is to provide Genesys customers and partners with a utility for masking sensitive data in log files provided to Genesys Customer Care.

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