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Contact Genesys Customer Care

If you have an issue or a question regarding Workbench or Remote Alarm Monitoring, you can submit a Support Case to Genesys Customer Care.

  1. Login to My Support and select Open a Case from the left-side menu.
  2. For Product Category, select Genesys Care Tools
  3. For Product, select Workbench or Remote Alarm Monitoring if related to the Workbench RAM Service
  4. For Major Release, select 9.1
  5. Describe the issue on the next screen.
  6. Submit your case and a Customer Care tools specialist will contact you.

Before contacting Genesys Customer Care, please refer to the Genesys Care Program Guide for complete contact information and procedures.

Note that the Elastic (https://www.elastic.co/) stack leveraged by Workbench 9.x is not supported and maintained by Genesys, as such customers and partners may need to engage with the Elastic community regarding technical issues that are not within the scope of Workbench support.
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