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Workbench Components

Genesys Care Workbench 9.0 comprises the following components:

  • Workbench IO:

This component ingests data from multiple data sources such as Genesys Engage Configuration Server (CS), Genesys Engage Solution Control Server (SCS), Genesys Engage Message Server (MS) enabling the user to visualise health, status (via Dashboards, Visualizations, Health-Maps, Alarms/Changes Consoles) and troubleshoot their Genesys platform.

  • Workbench Agent:

This component is installed on each and every Workbench host (not on the Genesys Engage Hosts in 9.0) where Workbench components are installed. The WBAgent in 9.0 is used for deployment, configuration, status and control of the Workbench components.

  • Workbench Kibana:

This component is the Workbench Client, providing the Workbench UI where users can leverage dedicated Alarms, Changes, Audit and Discover Consoles, Channel Monitoring Call Flows, Dashboards and Visualizations, Health-Maps etc to monitor and troubleshoot their Genesys Engage platform.

  • Workbench Elasticsearch:

This component is the data event storage feature of Workbench providing a full-text search engine.

  • Workbench ZooKeeper:

This component provides and stores Workbench configuration data such as Hosts, Applications, Channel Monitoring configuration, User Preferences etc.

Details of the Elastic stack components leveraged by Workbench can be found here: https://www.elastic.co/

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