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AD Pre-Requisites

Anomaly Detection (AD) and Workbench (WB) Compatibility Matrix

AD Version WB Version(s) Compatible Restrictions Notes
  • 9.2.000.xx

AD Host(s)/Server(s) Operating System Requirements

The Anomaly Detection components are supported on the following Operating Systems:

  • Microsoft Server 2012 and 2016
  • RHEL 7
  • CentOS 7
  • The Anomaly Detection components must be installed on separate hosts from the Workbench (WB) core components - i.e. do NOT install AD on the WB Hosts
  • Workbench uses the Hostname for component configuration/communication
  • Please ensure hostname resolution between Workbench components, including Anomaly Detection Nodes/Hosts and Engage Hosts is accurate and robust
  • If the Workbench Hosts have multiple NIC's, please ensure the Hostname resolves to the desired IP Address prior to Workbench installation
  • Genesys support for the platform versions mentioned on this page ends when the respective vendors declare End of Support.

Network Ports - AD Hosts

Anomaly Detection (AD) uses the network ports below.

Port Component Comments
50000 - 51000 App Manager Nodes and Inter-process communication
8182 AD API Expose AD status and visualizations
9091 & 5067 Workbench Agent & Metricbeat Status and Metrics
  • Ensure the Ports are reviewed, opened/unblocked and not in use by other applications prior to starting the AD installation
  • The ports above can be edited/changed via the Workbench Configuration Console and selecting/editing the respective Workbench AD application object

Hardware Sizing Requirements

Please review the Sizing section for AD hardware requirements.

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